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masterlist of my oc universes!(still in construction)

in loving memory;

art of my ocs that belong to my ocverse: in loving memory;

when summer comes

art of my ocs that belong to my ocverse: when summer comes


art of my ocs that belong to my unnamed fantasyverse


art of my ocs that belong to my unnamed romcomverse


Male lead and POV character. Bio in progress.


Secondary female lead. Bio in progress.


Dueteragonist. Bio in progress.


Secondary male lead. Bio in progress.



"Let's go to that transparent world together."

When Summer Come's protagonist and POV character.


"Let's love each other in that transparent world."

When Summer Come's secondary lead and Mikage's best friend.



Cordelia is a half demon amnesiac who has spent majority of her life imprisoned under the Rosengaarde royal palace, unable to recall any memories prior to her confinement. Although she was initially treated humanely by her captor, she was eventually studied and experimented on to understand effective ways to combat demons. When the events of the main story begin to unfold, she is saved by the prince of Rosengaarde, Nero.Although Nero gives her the choice to be freed from the royal family that confined her, the two of them recognize each other as someone that would benefit them in reaching heir goal. They create a pact with one another: Nero will keep her alive and guideher in battle, and she vows to be his shield in exchange.


Nero is the crowned prince of Rosengaarde, as well as the lead tactician of the Rosengaarde demonhunting force. Although loved by the common folk of Rosengaarde, he is overlooked by those in higher society, and even other royals, who do not believe in his abilities.He is not much of a fighter, and is actually quite weak in battle. For his lack of brawn, he makes it up in brain. Even though he's a master at strategy, he tends to act irrationally and lacks social skills, struggling to navigate through normal conversations.Cordelia's presence comforts him, and while he says he only keeps her around to stay alive, he deeply cares for her.


Lios is an emotional, opinionated, and manipulative individual who holds an extreme dislike for anyone carrying the royal blood of the Rosengaarde.When the events of the main story begin to unfold, he's assigned by Faera, the seeress of Hortensia, to evacuate citizens living on the Rosengaarde kingdom outskirts to her district for protection. Here, he intercepts Cordelia and Nero and helps fight off demons assailing them.He claims to know Cordelia from her past, referring to her with the name Eris. He clashes often with Nero, who Cordelia has sworn allegiance to.


Arietta is the uptight and childish retainer of Hortensia's seeress, Faerah. She has high combative prowess and is feared by those in Hortensia's military.She has known Faera since childhood and is extremely protective of her, especially having witnessed just how much Faerah has changed throughout the years due to her responsibilities. Eleanor is suspicious of anyone who enters Faerah's life other than Uriel - leading her to dislike Cordelia upon meeting her.


Faera is the mature and whimsical half-demon seeress of Hortensia. Due to her bloodline, she has the gifted ability to see the future and can act to change its course. Although she has this ability, she prefers to let events play out with little interference.Her retainers, Uriel and Arietta, struggle to understand what she is thinking most of the time. They acknowledge that after she finished her training to become Hortensia's seeress, her personality shifted.She is obsessed with Cordelia's existence and goes on and on about their souls being bonded to each other by fate, much to Eleanor's distaste and Cordelia's confusion.